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Mineral & Educational Articles

Travel & Mineral Collecting Locations

The Minerals of New York City

A Guide to the Tucson Mineral Shows for First-Time Visitors

Anthony's Nose, New York: a Review of Three Mineral Localities

Quarries and Minerals of the Dayton Rd. District, South Glastonbury, CT.

Manhattan Mineral Collecting

Accounts of the Discovery of the Kunz Garnet on Manhattan Island, New York City


Digital Mineral Photography

Quick Test Method for Determining Specific Gravity of Mineral Specimens

Reference Books for Mineral Collectors

Largest Mineral Crystals on Record

Gem & Mineral Research: How to Get Answers to Your Questions

Mineral Cleaning for Amateurs

Ten Tools for Collecting Mineral Specimens for the Advanced Collector

Quick Reference for Mineral Species, Formula, Class, and Type Locality

Simple Magnetometer You can Build  - Identify Magnetic Minerals Easily

Accounts of the Discovery of the Kunz Garnet

Do You Think You Found a Diamond? Learn How to Identify Rough Diamonds

Your Collection

Minerals as Investments. NOT!

Labeling and Cataloguing Your Mineral Collection.

Advice For Beginners: Nine Lessons Learned from Experience

Maintain Your Collection For the Future: More Advice for Mineral Collectors

Dealing with Dealers

Display Lighting of Minerals


A Field Guide to Mineral Collectors

Mineral Prices: Why So High?

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