Design Awards and Recognition
Furniture Designs 1978 Fine Woodworking’s Biennial Design Book
Abu Garcia Fishing Products 1986 ID Magazine Annual Design Review
1987 ID Magazine Annual Design Review
1987 May, Follow Magazine (Australia)
1987 Interface Human Factors Conference paper presented
1988 International Design Yearbook, No. 4
1988 April, Domus Magazine (Italy)
1988 Product Design 3, Design Publications, U.S.
1988 Exhibition "Fine Art of Industrial Design" National ArtsClub, NY, NY
1990 March, Design Magazine (U.K.)
1990 Drawing for 3-Dimensional Design, U.K.
Ultrasonic Cleaning System 1987 Krups Design Competition, runner up
1987 International Design Yearbook, No. 3
Polaroid "Impulse" Camera 1988 Best Consumer Electronic Design, Appliance Manufacturer Magazine
1988 Design in Plastic, Rockport Pub., U.S.
1989 International Design Yearbook, No. 5
1990 May, Fusion Magazine (Japan)
Fidelity Investments Center 1987 Nov., Interiors Magazine
Polaroid "Spectra Pro" Camera 1992 Industrie Forum Design Excellence Exhibition, Hanover, Germany
1992 Dec., Abitare Magazine (Italy)
1993 Forma Finlandia International Design Competition, Helsinki, Finland
1993 Exhibition "The Art of Design 2", Haggerty Museum, Milwaukee, WI.
1993 ID Magazine Annual Design Review
1994 Transgenerational Design, Pirkl, Van Nostrand, U.S.
1994 Product Design 5, Design Publications, U.S.
Polaroid "636 CloseUp" Camera 1992 "Technologicia Forma" Exhibition, Milan, Italy
Polaroid "ProCam" Camera 1993 March, Plastic Design Forum
1993 March, Blueprint Magazine
Polaroid "Vision Date+" Camera 1994 IDSA / Business Week Gold Design Excellence Award
1994 Fall, Innovation Magazine (IDSA)
Polaroid "Spectra AF" Camera 1995 International Design Yearbook, No. 11
1995 "Good Design ‘95" Exhibition, Chicago Atheneum



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