John Betts - Professional Resume

 John H. Betts

1978 Bachelor of Fine Arts - Industrial Design from the University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois

Professional Experience
Start Position Company
August 1978 Staff Designer Richard Ten Eyck Associates, Dallas, TX
October 1979 Project Designer Goldsmith Yamasaki and Specht, Chicago, IL
November 1980 Project Designer Herbst, Lazar Bell, Inc., Chicago, IL
November 1982 Senior Designer Walter Dorwin Teague Associates, NY, NY
April 1984 Senior Designer Henry Dreyfuss Associates, NY, NY
December 1988 Senior Project Manager Henry Dreyfuss Associates, NY, NY
September 1989 to January 2001 Associate Henry Dreyfuss Associates, NY, NY

Over 50 U.S. and international design patents.

Industrial Designers Society of America
Color Marketing Group
Color Association US



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