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(New Listings)

You may quickly tour my entire site in less than five minutes by using the navigation buttons. At the bottom of each gallery you will see buttons for "Back" and "Next" galleries as these below.

By clicking on "Next" gallery repeatedly you will be taken on a sequential tour of about 35 mineral galleries. The galleries cover minerals grouped by locality, by mineral group, as well as special galleries and collections.

The first galleries may load slowly, but as your computer caches the images each page will load faster. I highly recommend the tour, as it is the best way to avoid missing a specimen.

Start the tour with the "Next Gallery" button above.

Following is a listing of the galleries and contents.

The categories are "loose" groupings of associated minerals and do not strictly follow Dana's classifications. (But if I used Dana there would be too many galleries with too few minerals.)

New Listings - the last four weeks of minerals added to the site.

My Best Minerals - a selection of my personal favorites among the hundreds of minerals at this site.

Classics - minerals from lost locations that are thought of as "standards" for the mineral type.

Mineral Oddities - Mineral specimens of Bent Crystals, Phantoms, Faden, Twins, Gwindels, Enhydros, Scepters, radioactive, meteorites, epitaxial, doubly-terminated, and more.

Pedigreed Specimens - Minerals with old labels from old time collectors or dealers.

Overlooked Treasures - fine mineral specimens that have been overlooked or missed but deserve a second look.

New England, US.  - including Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island.

New York - New Jersey, US. - Minerals from these two states including the famous trap rock localities and Herkimer.

South to Mid-Atlantic, US. - including Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, N. & S. Carolina.

Midwest, US. - including Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska

Southwest, US. - including Arizona, New Mexico, Texas.

Rock Mountains, US. - including Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming.

West, US. - including California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington.

Canada - all provinces.

Mexico - all states.

South America - including Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Columbia, Chile.

North Atlantic - minerals from Iceland, Greenland, England, Scotland, Ireland, including famous Cornwall localities.

Europe- including Scandinavia, United Kingdom, France, Spain.

Russia - and the former Soviet republics.

India / Middle East - and nearby countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan.

Pacific Rim - including Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Korea.

Africa - all countries on the continent.

Tsumeb Mine - Special gallery of minerals from the very prolific locality with beautiful colorful minerals.

Apatite Group - including fluorapatite, mimetite, pyromorphite, vanadinite.

Barites & Other Sulfates- including anglesite, celestite, gypsum, stibnite, celestite.

Calcite - Calcite specimens from around the world.

Carbonates - including calcite, aragonite, cerussite, strontianite, witherite, malachite, rhodochrosite.

Fluorites - from worldwide locations.

Garnets - including almandine, grossular, andradite, pyrope, spessartine and uvarovite.

Native Elements - including gold, silver, copper, platinum, molybdenum, etc.

Oxides - including wulfenite , brookite, etc.

Quartz - including amethyst, citrine, smoky quartz, Japan-law twins, Faden-growths.

Silicates - including dioptase, danburite, beryl, spodumene, topaz, and feldspars.

Sulfides - including pyrite, marcasite, galena, sphalerite, stibnite, chalcopyrite.

Tourmalines - including elbaite, rubellite, schorl, indicolite, dravite, uvite.

Zeolites and Related - including prehnite, datolite, pectolite, heulandite, apophyllite, harmotome, analcime, thompsonite.

Hard to Categorize Minerals - all the minerals that don't conveniently fall into the other groups.

Fluorescent Minerals - in stock. Information and photos available upon request.

Pseudomorphs - minerals that have taken the form or shape of another mineral through various processes.

Gem Minerals - Specimens containing gem minerals of topaz, ruby, sapphire, aquamarine, etc.

Decorator Specimens - larger than ordinary cabinet specimens.

Out-of-Print Books and Magazines - including back issues of mineral and lapidary magazines.

Index to the 15 volumes of The Mineral Collector March, 1894 to February, 1909

Minerals sorted by mineral name - a complete list of minerals on my site.

Minerals sorted by number - a complete list of minerals on my site.

Minerals sorted by price - a complete list of minerals on my site.

Minerals sorted by size - a complete list of minerals on my site.



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