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Index to the 15 volumes of The Mineral Collector; March, 1894 to February, 1909




Compiled and Edited by John Betts, $25 (plus $4.00 shipping)

The Mineral Collector was an early magazine devoted to minerals and mineral collecting with articles by such well-known collectors as Maynard Bixby, Arthur Chamberlain, Louis Gratacap, George Kunz, Charles Pennypacker, Samuel Penfield, etc. The magazine began with Volume 1 Number 1 in March 1894 and was published monthly for the following 15 years. At the the time, it was the main journal for mineral collectors and coincided with many classic mineral discoveries like the mining at Mt. Mica, the discovery of Kunzite, etc. (Complete reprinted sets of The Mineral Collector were available from Jay Lininger at Matrix magazine.)

This index is four separate indexes in one volume: general subject-title index, authors index, chronological index and illustration index to over 1900 articles and 204 illustrations in the fifteen annual volumes. Now for the first time locating articles is easy and fast.


Following is a list of some of the noteworthy aricles to be found in The Mineral Collector:

  • Amethyst Found in Philadelphia County (near Rowlansville) by MacFeeters, Samuel
  • Analysis of Kunzite by Davis, R. O. E.
  • TheArt of Collecting (With Notes on Localities) by Pennypacker, Charles H.
  • Art of Lapidaries by Kunz, George F.
  • TheAvondale and Swarthmore Quarries, Delaware County, Pennsylvania by MacFeeters, Samuel
  • Benitoite and Neptunite by Wilke, R. M.
  • Beryl Mountain (South Acworth, New Hampshire) by Allen, C. A.
  • Beryls of Great Size and Smaller Gem Quality Found in Blandford, Massachusetts
  • Biography of John William Freckelton (NYMC Member) by Levison, Wallace Goold
  • The Birdsboro Trap-Rock Quarries (near Reading, Pennsylvania) by Groth. E. A.
  • Blue Quartz of Bucks County, Pennsylvania by Vanartsdalen, John F.
  • Bohemian Garnets (Northwest of Prague) by Kunz, George F.
  • Boleite and Cumengite by Foote, Dr. A. E.
  • Bulletin 37 - Precious Stones in California by George F. Kunz - Article Review
  • Chondrodite on New York Island by Edwards, Arthur, M. M.D.
  • Collecting Notes in the Northeast by Pennypacker, Charles H.
  • A Collector in Colorado by Bixby, Maynard
  • A Collector's Paradise (St. Lawrence County, New York) by Valiant, W. S.
  • A Crystal Picnic (Collecting at Table Mountain, Colorado) by Cross, Rev. R. T.
  • A Crystal of Chrysoberyl - From 93rd Street and Riverside Park by Levison, Wallace Goold
  • A Description of Topaz Crystals, Their Localities and Occurrences in Utah by Bixby, Maynard
  • Deserted Emery Mines of Massachusetts by Cobb, L. F.
  • Diamond Field Found in Arkansas
  • Directory of Mineral Localities in and Around Philadelphia by Benge, ElmerWherry, Edgar T.
  • The Elements as Minerals in the Bement Collection by Gratacap, Louis P.
  • TheEmery Mines at Chester, Massachusetts by Graban, A. W.
  • Endless Search for Lost Mines (Benson Mine, Peekskill, N.Y.)
  • An Exhibition of Radium (by Kunz and Baskerville at the AMNH)
  • Exploration at Mt. Mica, During the Summer of 1896
  • The F. H. Canfield Collection by Bates, Albert C.
  • Ferruginous (Iron Stained) Quartz at Black Horse, Pennsylvania by Goodwin, Howard
  • A Few Pointers (on Minerals from New Jersey) by Valiant, W. S.
  • Fibrous Calcite, From Upper Montclair, New Jersey by Levison, Wallace Goold
  • Fine Rhodochrosite (From the Grizzly Bear Mine, Ouray District, Colorado)
  • The Franklin Furnace Geologic Portfolio is Published
  • Garnets (With Notes on Occurrences) by Pennypacker, Charles H.
  • Garnets Dug Up In Subway, 33rd Street and Sixth Ave.
  • Gem Cutting in America (From the Mineral Resources of the United States) by Kunz, George F.
  • Gem Deposits in Maine, Mt. Apatite
  • Gem Fields of the World by Kunz, George F.
  • Gem Tourmalines of the United States by Gardiner, C. R.
  • Gems of Quartz Origin by Kunz, George F.
  • A General Description of Cumberland County (Pennsylvania) by Groth, E. A.
  • The Geological Formations of Chenango County, New York (Fossils) by Davis, E. E.
  • George Letchworth English by Bates, Albert C.
  • A Great Cavern in Maine (at Allegash Lake)
  • Great Opals of the World by Kunz, George F.
  • How Gems Change Color by Kunz, George F.
  • How Kunzite Was Discovered by Jewelers Circular
  • Hunting For Crystals in Northern New York by Cross, Rev. R. T.
  • Hunting For Minerals In New Hampshire by Rand, J. C.
  • Idaho Opals by Bixby, Maynard
  • Kunzite Crystals, San Diego County, California - First Crystals Found
  • Kunzite, A New Lilac-Colored Transparent Spodumene by Kunz, George F.
  • Largest Quartz Crystal Ever Found and Weighs Over 2200 Pounds (in Ca.) by Calaveras Chronicle
  • Lightning Kills in Mine (Sets Off Dynamite at Franklin, New Jersey)
  • Maine Copper Mines (reopening of Mines Closed Since 1880)
  • Manganese Mines at Ponupo, Cuba by Hamilton, S. Harbert
  • Memoirs of the Late Artis H. Ehrman by Ashby, George E.
  • Mica Deposits in New Jersey (in Passaic County)
  • TheMineral Business by Gratacap, L. P.
  • Mineralogical Notes (on New Jersey Minerals) by Valiant, W. S.
  • TheMineralogist and Geologist Around Boston, Massachusetts by Rand, John C.
  • TheMinerals of Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by Groth, E. A.
  • TheMinerals of Haddam, Connecticut by Davis, James W.
  • TheMinerals of Haddam, Connecticut - Part II by Davis, James W.
  • TheMinerals of Iceland by Gratacap, L. P.
  • TheMinerals of Maine by Chadbourn, E. R.
  • Minerals of Massachusetts (Boston Vicinity) by Rand, J. C.
  • Minerals of Southern Bucks County, Pennsylvania by Vanartsdalen, John F.
  • The Minerals of the Avondale and Leiperville Localities (Pennsylvania) by Borden, Henry Clay
  • Mines, New and Old - Collecting Around the United States by Bates, Albert C.
  • Montana Sapphires by Bixby, Maynard
  • Mount Apatite (Maine) by Waterman, Charles E.
  • Mt. Mica Report by Oxford County Democrat
  • Mt. Mica in 1893 by Hamlin, A. C.
  • A New Find at an Old Locality (near Bridgeport, Pennsylvania) by Goodwin, Howard
  • New Gem Find in California (Benitoite)
  • New Hampshire Beryls
  • New Jersey Mineral Localities by Valiant, W. S.
  • A New Locality for Spear Pyrites (at Bonhamtown, New Jersey) by Manley, John A.
  • New Tourmaline Discovery (Newry, Maine)
  • Nickel Mine Found in Haverstraw Mountains by Seelet, Richard
  • The North Carolina Zircon Mines by Middleton, George
  • Notable Minerals in Western Mines by Bixby, Maynard
  • Note on a Crystal of Chrysoberyl from the Borough of Manhattan, New York City by Levison, Wallace Goold
  • Notes on Collecting in Utah by Bixby, Maynard
  • Notes on Some Mineral Localities near Boston, Massachusetts by Rand, J. C.
  • Notes on Western Minerals by Bixby, Maynard
  • The Occurrence and Fabrication of Rock Crystal by Kunz, George F. lecture to NYMC
  • The Occurrence of Quartz Crystals at Hintner's Limonite Pits, Marble Hall, Pa. by Benge, Elmer
  • An Old Mining Region (Ellenville, New York) by Valiant, W. S.
  • Old Times and New localities by Valiant, W. S.
  • On The Formation of Hematite on Staten Island, NY by Edwards, Arthur, M. M.D.
  • AOnce Noted Prehnite Locality Near Farmington, Connecticut by Stillwell, Harry W.
  • Output of the Mt. Mica Mine During 1898 by Hamlin, A. C.
  • ThePectolites of New Jersey by Bates, Albert C.
  • ThePennsylvania Locals by Pennypacker, Chas. H.
  • The Perkiomen Copper Mines by Tomlinson, W. H.
  • Philadelphia Quartz by Lewis, T. J.
  • Phoenixville Quartz by Groth, E. A.
  • Practical Use of Kunzite (As A Gemstone)
  • Precious and Ornamental Stones by Bixby, Maynard
  • Preparing Radium Exhibit, George F. Kunz to Handle Novel Display at St. Louis Exposition
  • A Procession of Locality (Phoenixville, Pennsylvania) by Pennypacker, Charles H.
  • A Profitable Vacation (Collecting Near Delaware Water Gap) by Goodwin, Howard
  • Pseudomorphs From Utah by Bixby, Maynard
  • Quartz Crystals at Brookline, Massachusetts by Rand, J. C.
  • Quartz Enclosing Rutile, Found Near Hanover, New Hampshire (illustration)
  • Radium in Connecticut (at Haddam, Middletown, Branchville, Connecticut)
  • Rambles in Montana by Bixby, Maynard
  • Recent New York City Finds - Letter to the Editor by Miller, F. W.
  • Recent Trips of New York Mineralogists (NYMC & BMC) by Kato, Frederick, Secretary
  • A Reconnaissance of Jenny Jump Mountain by Valiant, W. S.
  • A Remarkable Mineral Locality (Hoxie's Quarry, Paterson, NJ.) by Ehrman, A. H.
  • A Remarkable Mineral Region (near West Chester, Pennsylvania) by Groff, Dr. G. C.
  • A Remarkable Pectolite by Grenzig, J. A. Jr.
  • A Remarkable Tourmaline Deposit, Rumford Falls, Maine by Webb, Harry G.
  • Report of Tourmaline Discovery in Ct. (Gillette Quarry)
  • Rhodolite Garnet in Cowee Valley, North Carolina
  • Rich Beryl-Emerald Field (South of Grafton, NH.)
  • The Roundabout Collector in New England by Rand, J. C.
  • Rubellite in California by Wright, W. G.
  • Ruby Field Discovered in Cowee County, North Carolina
  • Rumford, Maine Mining Operations (on Black Mountain)
  • Rutgers College Geological Museum, New Brunswick, New Jersey by Valiant, W. S.
  • Rutile Mining in Virginia by Merrill, George P.
  • Six Ton Meteor Found in New York City, Van Cortland Park, Bronx
  • Sketch of the History of Mineralogy in Philadelphia by Hamilton, S. Harbet
  • Smoky Quartz Crystal Inclosing Rutile, Waterbury, Vermont (illustration)
  • Snake Hill Copper Mine (New Jersey) by George, W. A.
  • Some Minerals Occurring at Worcester, Massachusetts by Rand, J. C.
  • Some Minerals Recently Found At Milton, Massachusetts by Rand, J. C.
  • The Story of the First Pennsylvania Copper Mine (Perkiomen) by Geist, George W.
  • Sulphur Balls from Sayreville, New Jersey by Hopping, Roy
  • The Sulphur Mines of Louisiana
  • Testing Priceless Gems by Kunz, George F.Baskerville, Prof. Charles
  • OnThe Atomic Weight of Radium by Curie, Mme.
  • The Collection of Minerals in the American Museum of Natural History and Bement Collection by Gratacap, Louis P.
  • Topaz and Other Western Minerals by Bixby, Maynard
  • The Tourmaline Mine at Haddam Neck, Connecticut (Gillette Quarry) by Martin, Daniel S.
  • Tourmaline of Crown Point, Essex County, New York
  • A Trip After Meteorites - A Letter to Bement by Ward, Henry A.
  • A Trip To Franklin Furnace, New Jersey by Manley, John A.
  • A Trip to Cumberland, Rhode Island by Baker, J. W.
  • A Trip to Globe, Arizona by Bixby, Maynard
  • A Trip to New England by Pennypacker, Charles H.
  • A Trip to The Utah Desert by Bixby, Maynard
  • A Trip to the Old Jordan and Galena Mines, Bingham, Utah by Bixby, Maynard
  • Turquoise Beds in the West by Eisen, Dr. Gustav
  • Turquoise Mines of New Mexico by Cowan, John F.
  • The Unique Properties of Kunzite by Baskerville, Prof. CharlesKunz, George F.
  • Utah Notes by Bixby, Maynard
  • Vacation Rambles in New York and Pennsylvania by Goodwin, H. R.
  • Valuable Finds in Western Massachusetts (Beryls at Blandford) by Herrick, R. L.
  • Vanadium in Arizona (Near Farbanks, Cochise County, Arizona)
  • Virginia Amethysts
  • A Visit to Burger's Quarry (West Paterson, New Jersey)
  • A Visit to the Friedensville Zinc Mines (Pa.) by Borden, Mr.
  • A Visit to the Mineral Localities at Paterson and Great Notch, New Jersey by Papke, Herman
  • A Visit to the Roxbury, Connecticut Garnet Mines by Lane, R. M.
  • The W. W. Jefferis Collection by Pennypacker, Chas. H.
  • A Well Earned Honor (For George F. Kunz)
  • Wilson's Quarry (New Jersey) by F. P.
  • Wilson's Quarry, Plainfield, New Jersey by Hawkins, Alfred C.
  • Xenotime Crystals on Manhattan Island (discovered by William Niven) by N. Y. Tribune

Unfortunately, I cannot provide copies of articles. If you don't have a set, and cannot afford one, I suggest you visit your  local library.

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