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Diamond Crystal Diagrams from Goldschmidt's Atlas der Krystalformen

Common crystal forms found in natural diamond crystals

Cubic Diamond Crystal
6 crystal faces

Octahedral Diamond Crystal
8 Crystal Faces

Dodecahedral Diamond Crystal
12 Crystal Faces

Tetrahedral Diamond Crystal (rare)
4 Crystal Faces

Trapezohedral Diamond Crystal
24 Crystal Faces

Tetrahexahedral Diamond Crystal
24 Crystal Faces

Trisoctahedral Diamond Crystal
24 Crystal Faces

Hexoctahedral Diamond Crystal
48 Crystal Faces

What is a Macle?

"Macle" is French for "twin" and is used to describe Spinel-law twinned diamond crystals.
Below is a diagram to help understand why a Macle Diamond has a triangular shape.

In 1916 Victor Goldschmidt published the  nine volume Atlas der Krystalformen. It was a compilation of crystal diagrams from many books and references. Below are links to 300 dpi black and white scans of the 22 pages from the atlas containing diamond crystal drawings. Because the diamond drawings were derived from many different sources, the style varies from line drawings to shaded illustrations. Because these were scanned from a second-generation copy of the Atlas, the quality varies. But it is the most comprehensive collection of diamond crystal illustrations available.

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