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Corrections to the Diamond article in Mineralogical Record, Volume 35, Number 1

Are you looking for locations listed in Mineralogical Record, Volume 35, Number 1?

Many do not exist! In response to the magazine using out of date locality names, I wrote a list of corrections to their article on diamonds.

We no longer use German Southwest Africa to describe Namibia. Correct? Then why are old names used in the article? The most recent and up to date location should be given, especially in a magazine like Mineralogical Record, which is noted for it's high standards.

There are cases that are not clear cut when it comes to geographic names. Whichever government is actually in control determines the name in use. In the case of Burma, the government in power uses the term Myanmar. But it is not a legitimate government in the eyes of the international community--so it is proper show Burma in parentheses.

In the case of the Democratic Republic of Congo, it was originally called that from 1965 to 1971. It was a small-time dictator (Mobutu) that changed it to Zaire. It reverted to Democratic Republic of Congo in 1997.

I could go on. The errors are widespread throughout the article. If the article was written 12 or 13 years ago much of the information in the article would be correct.

In the future, it is hoped that Mineralogical Record will raise the standard for geographic accuracy and will use references that are current. All of the corrections listed above have been in use for at least 7 years (1/5 of the life of Mineralogical Record).


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