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#71967, Dioptase with scepter-shaped Calcite, Christmas Mine, Arizona (lc) $250



News and Comments

Older collectors, that lived through the 1950s when the fear of atomic bombs was ever-present, often react in fear at the thought of collecting radioactive minerals. Not surprisingly, younger collectors are mostly ignorant of the dangers.

But everyone should know: Collecting radioactive minerals is safe, as long as you follow a few simple precautions.

Remember: distance is your friend. Radiation exposure falls at the square of the distance. Therefore the dose received at 4 feet is 1/16th the dose at 1 foot. So store the minerals a few feet away from where you sit. And do not do as one collector did at a  mineral show when he placed a uraninite crystal he purchased into his front pants pocket. I chased him down the aisle and advised placing it in a shopping bag. And he was a radiologist!

Radon is the main issue when storing radioactive minerals. It is a radioactive gas, easily inhaled, that is created as a by-product of radioactive decay. The good news is that radon is heavier than air. If you have a basement in your home, then it is possible for the radon to accumulate there. Most homes built where there is granite bedrock have radon expulsion systems that actively vents accumulated radon to the outside.

Keeping radioactive specimens in Tupperware actually concentrates the radon in the container. Be careful not to breathe in as you open the container.

The dose of radon from your small specimens is not much more than is generated by granite kitchen counters in a standard home. If you had some REALLY HOT specimens like a large torbernite or cuprosklodowskite then I would advise storing them in your garage.

John H. Betts, 7/25/17

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Customer Comments:

"We have, on several occasions, requested specimens that were not on your website. You have unfailingly come up with our requirements each time and they have all been top class :) We cannot thank you enough and look forward to dealing with you for a long time to come. Lots of thanks again :)" Marie

"For the better part of this past year I've been searching for just the right "raw and natural" diamond for inclusion to my mineral collection. After searching many sites I found just the right diamond with John Betts. It is a reference example of a perfect octahedral gem and in my opinion the finest example John had in the under 1 carat range.

My diamond is undamaged with no dark unsightly inclusions and is a cuttable gem-grade example. The service from John is exemplary and the shipping was extremely fast. I am pleased beyond 100%! My new diamond looks fabulous in my collection. John thoughtfully provided a circular - black cushioned display case with my order. Perfecto in every way. Now I will begin my happy dancing!!" Michael P.


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Pledge to My Customers:

Customer satisfaction is my primary goal. I pledge:

  1. New minerals will be added to this site every week.
  2. All minerals offered will be naturally crystallized specimens - no fakes, no dyes,  no irradiation, no crystals glued on matrix.
  3. Only the exact item pictured on the site will be shipped - no substitutes.
  4. Photographs will accurately represent each item - no exaggeration, enhancement or retouching flaws.
  5. Mineral species and localities will be accurately listed on labels with each specimen.
  6. All items will be shipped via US Postal Service, usually the next business day after the order is finalized.
  7. Each mineral will be individually wrapped and carefully packaged to prevent damage during shipping.
  8. All historic labeling, if available, will be included with each mineral.
  9. Returns are gladly accepted. No questions asked, no explanation necessary.
  10. All customer information will be kept confidential and never shared or sold.
  11. I will continue to freely share my knowledge with others and contribute to the study and appreciation of minerals.
  12. All mineral specimens have a lifetime guarantee: if the mineral specimen is ever tested, and I incorrectly identified the mineral species, I will refund the cost of the original purchase & shipping, the cost return shipping, and the cost of the test.

 John H. Betts, owner
Mineral dealer since 1989, mineral collectors since 1967





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