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Natural Diamond Crystal Jewelry - Jewelry created with natural uncut rough diamonds

Below is a gallery of jewelry created with natural uncut rough diamonds. These uncut rough diamonds are crystals with natural sparkle making them perfect for use in jewlery without faceting. These are real diamonds that gemstones are made from - not Herkimer Diamonds that are common quartz.

Using rough diamonds in jewelry is a major trend in jewelry today. Of course the practice of using raw diamonds dates back at least to Roman times when they were commonly found in men's rings. But recently major diamond jewelry companies have created their own lines. DeBeers introduced their line called Talisman in 2006. A new company Diamond in the Rough introduced a large 305 carat rough diamond necklace was prominantly feateued in Neiman Marcus 2007 Christmas Book for $1 million.

The success of these top teir jewelry companies marketing rough diamond jewelry has created demand from independent jewelry designers that are interested in the lower overhead cost possible because the expense to have each diamond faceted by a master diamond cutter has been eliminated.

Below are some examples of recent jewelry designs using natural uncut diamond crystals.

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Three fancy-yellow flat diamonds totaling 5.92 carats set in a custom-designed white gold necklace and earrings (posts were retouched out of photo)
by Stuart Coffee of STUart Jewelry Designs, 103 Sullivan Street, NY, NY 10012
To see the unmounted diamonds go to three diamonds.

3.81 carat gem-grade twinned diamonds set in an engagement ring by Aaron Henry for B. Kahn.

1.96 carat pale-gray macle diamond crystal set in a ring for Christian T. by Frederic Missir of Papeete, French Polynesia.

4.85 carat cuttable F-color octahedral diamond from Udachnaya Mine, Russia set in a ring designed by Todd Reed

Six colored diamonds in a necklace pendant by Stuart Coffee of STUart Jewelry Designs, 103 Sullivan Street, NY, NY 10012

1.52 carat fancy-green macle rough diamond from Almazy Anabara Mine, Russia in a pendant created by Andrew Howard to celebrate their 48th wedding anniversary.

0.87 ct diiamond set by Dave Matthews-Custom Jeweler at Longs Jewelers, 701 N Battlefield Blvd, Chesapeake, VA 23320. Phone: (757)436-1920

1.09 carat macle diamond crystal bezel set in 14k white gold created by Michael Baska at Baska Studio

Ballas (spherical) diamond 1.69 carats in a tension setting designeed by Shayne Santi and created by Bruce Boone.

A ring from the Talisman line at DeBeers

4.84 carat intersecting yellow macle diamond crystals bezel-set in 14k and 18k gold ring designed by the Jewelry Design Center for Carol and Dale Ruemping.

Yellow dodecahedral natural diamond made by Al Azzolini from Ponty & Company.

Second ring made from Williamson Diamonds by Brian Snyder of Bohemian Metals, Cheyenne WY

Men's 14kt white gold band inlaid with 18kt rose gold set with a 1.80ct intergrown macle/octahedron from Argyle Mine, Australia. I call it the Ice Cream Cone Diamond. It's paired with 0.12ct Trilliant cut diamond for contrast and symmetry. Designed by Bill Cotten and brought to life by Pounders Jewelry.

Men's 24kt "Gold Nugget Ring" set with a 0.72ct macle from Diavik Mine, Canada. Designed by Bill Cotten and brought to life by Pounders Jewelry.

Two rings, a 1.37 carat green uncut diamond  (top), and  a 1.66 carat green uncut diamond (bottom) designed by David Mason and crafted by Aaron Lelah.

Silver necklace with faceted ruby beads, large silver/brass Kreplach bead and two diamond beads on the vertical strand to the right made by Lin Hersh.

One of the many rings available from Diamonds in the Rough

Bezel-set yellow diamond in gold (I apologize for misplacing the creators name - please contact me if you are the designer).

0.67 carat green diamond from Central African Republic created by Ken Ceglady.

0.23 ct. octahedral Brazilian yellow diamond in a wedding ring created by Ken Ceglady.

0.30 ct. flattened green diamond in a ring created by Ken Ceglady.

First ring made from Williamson Diamonds by Brian Snyder of Bohemian Metals, Cheyenne WY

1.23 ct. cognac-colored diamond from Oranjemund, Namibia in necklace pendant created by Ken Ceglady.

Diamond rings using uncut diamond crystals from Jwaneng created by Brian Snyder, a jeweler in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

1.08 carat diamond in titanium ring custom made for Les created by Ken Ceglady.

Glassy 0.88 carat octahedral diamond crystal from Mirny, Russia set in an engagement ring for D.C.

1.37 carat fancy-yellow macle set by Michael Fitzgerald at 174 North 11th Street, Brooklyn, NY 112111

2.86 carat champagne-brown flattened octahedral diamond crystal from Russia set in a ring for D. Morganti.

2.4 carat uncut white diamond (one of my best!) set in gold and surrounded by smaller faceted diamonds.

diamond in ring custom designed with Michael for Michael's wife by Ken Ceglady.

brown diamond in Shakudo setting on bronze chain by Ken Ceglady.

1.63 carat brown dodecahedral diamond crystal in white gold with yellow raw stones and 6 cut tiny diamonds laid out set by Scott at Lower Greenville Jewelry for Chelsea Brock.

0.28 carat fancy-green triangular diamond crystal in a ring designed by the owner, P. A. DeLoach; Artfully Constructed by Master Craftsman Larry Cooper, The Jewelers Bench - Waterford, MI

Uncut 0.49 carat yellow diamond set in gold/wood ring by Jonathan Stroud at Chasing Victory.

0.86 carat pale-brown elongated diamond crystal from Ippy, northeast of Banghi, Central African Republic created by Jewelry Art by Clara C Ricker

Diamond crystal set in a ring designed and created by Bo Fain at Nacol's Jewelry.

3.02 carat gray spherical ballas diamond crystal set by Derek Safley of Denver, Colorado.

2.89 carat sherry-colored diamond crystal from the Argyle Mine, Australia set into an engagement ring for Tracy & Scott. The diamond is 9 mm across.

1.87 carat translucent dark-gray octahedral crystal from Zimbabwe set in white gold by Kevin Dolan of Dragonglass.

One of my best gem grade yellow diamonds set into an engagement ring for Bailey & Andrew. The diamond is 3.39 carats, measuring 9 mm across from Venetia Mine, South Africa.

1.85 carat cuttable yellow-gray complex diamond crystal from Jwaneng Mine, Botswana in a ring made of Gibeon meteorite wrapped in palladium created by Jewelry by Johan

Titanium body bar with 0.68 ct. diamond from Central African Republic created by Ken Ceglady.

Drilled diamond beads on black gold chain and brown gold snake chain for necklaces created for Elizabeth Goodman.

Uncut diamond in bezel set ring created by Michael Fitzgerald in Brooklyn, NY

Polished diamond from an uncut 6.93 carat diamond crystal from the Argyle Mine Kimberley, Australia set in a palladium ring, Credit: Chuck Gibson, Milwaukee, Wi.

4.80 carat diamond from the Argyle Mine in Australia designed by Bill Cotten for his 20th wedding anniversary and made by the Jewelry Design Center.

Three rough uncut diamond crystals (0.42 carat colorless dodecahedral crystal, 0.49 carat pale-gray elongated crystal, 0.84 carat yellow flattened crystal) set in a ring by Stone Parker.

0.40ct.diamond in titanium ring custom made for Emilie by Ken Ceglady.

0.59ct. diamond in titanium choker setting by Ken Ceglady.

Rough diamond set in white and yellow gold ring by Zoe Pook in Australia

18.06 carat gray complex diamond crystal cluster for Yury Kastelyanets.

2.08 carat yellow octahedral diamond crystal set in a ring for Vince C.

7.27 carat gray octahedral diamond from Australia in a ring for James Shondel created by Ofer Mizrahi Diamonds Inc of Chicago, Il.

1.99 carat cuttable gem-grade yellow complex diamond crystal from Matto Grosso, Brazil made by Dalzell & Co. in Crystal Lake IL. 60014. 815-455-3600

Diamond slice showing sector zoning set in 14 carat gold by Ken Flood at Keweenaw Gem

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